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  Grading Method for Mr. Baran's 7th Grade Science classes .....
  1. All tests, quizzes and daily work will be graded on a straight percent scale (CVSD adopted):

90 - 100
80 - 89
70 - 79
60 - 69
Below 60
= A
= B
= C
= D
= F

2. Trimester Grades will be derived from the following data:
A. Daily Work/Notebook - Consists of in-class assignments, homework, and lab activities. Written daily work is graded on completeness, accuracy and neatness.

B. Quizzes - Several small quizzes will be given during a Trimester. Students may or may not have advance notice of a quiz (pop quizzes may be given).

C. Tests - Mayor tests are given at the end of each chapter or major area of study. Review objectives will be gone over prior to each test to assist students in preparing for a test.

D. Projects - We will be doing several projects during the year. The projects may require time outside of class to complete. Creative thinking and good problem solving skills will be rewarded.

Trimester grades are computed on a Points Earned vs. Points Possible basis.
• Homework will most often be worth 10 to 15 points each.

• Labs and class projects will range from 20 to as much as a test value (100).
• Assessments (quizzes and tests) will range from 30 to 100 points.
• Tests are always worth 100 points.
Students are expected to keep a listing of their
work and grades in their Notebook/Journal.
If you wish to compute your own grades
download this Excel spreadsheet:


3. Mid-Term Progress Reports - All students will receive a computer progress report at mid-Trimester. The report will show all grades to date. Students are expected to share, and have signed, the progress reports with their parent(s)/guardian(s) and return them to school.

4. Extra Credit - We'll be giving three types of extra credit in Science.
A. A student may bring up their final Trimester percentage grade by reading teacher approved articles which apply to the subject matter then write a summary of the article. Each article is worth a percentage point. There is a four article limit for a total of 4 percentage points. All extra credit must be turned in one week prior to the end of the Trimester.

B. A test score of a "F" may be raised to a "D" by outlining the chapter/material over which the test was given. The outline must be at least 3 pages in length. You will have five school days after each test to complete and hand in your outline.

C. A student may also receive other extra credit by making an arrangement with the student's teacher. The value of which will be determined at the time arrangements are discussed. NOTE: Extra Credit possibilities may also be listed on this website. If so, this color icon will be shown:EC icon

D. It is CVSD policy that extra credit completed may not raise a Trimester grade more than one letter grade.


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