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October 27, 2007.
The following are links to basic information on just what an Excel spreadsheet is and how they are used in education - particularly at the middle school level. The links are divided into the categories of General Overview, Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education, Science, Mathematics and Educational Spreadsheet Use Lists.
General Overview  
The School Spreadsheet Safari Think Quest.
10x5 space
(If you want to visit a website with lots of information on the uses of spreadsheets in all disciplines this site has it all under one roof.)
Basic Spreadsheet Vocabulary.
10x5 space(A quick and easy to read spreadsheet diagram showing all basic parts/vocabulary.)
Language Arts
Excel Language Arts Teacher and Student use - an Excel Book Check Out example spreadsheet.
Student use - an Excel Grammar Word List example spreadsheet.
10x5 space(Using the sorting feature to test yourself on definitions is a clever idea.)
Student use - an Excel Spelling Quiz example spreadsheet.
10x5 space(Learning some basic spreadsheet formulas makes spreadsheets even more useful.)
Social Studies
Excel Social Studies Student use - an Excel Presidents example spreadsheet.
10x5 space(Using political party information to construct a pie chart.)
Student use - an Excel Oregon Trail example spreadsheet.
10x5 space(Example is a more advanced use of spreadsheet formulas - it may be modified to fit the target grade level.)
Physical Education
Excel in Physical Education Student use - Sports can generate a whole host of data. Students can use MLB statistics to see who is the best baseball player (ESPN MLB data).
Physical Education and computers do mix.
10x5 space(Story on how a Hood River, OR school uses Excel in their Physical Education courses.)
Excel in Science Student use - an Excel Ambidextrous example spreadsheet.
10x5 space(Collecting and analyzing data on writing letters with both left and right hands - Link)
Student use - a Fahrenheit to Celsius example spreadsheet.
10x5 space(Students are exposed to the usefulness of spreadsheets to quickly perform scientific calculations.)
Excel in Math Student use - an Excel Graphing Squares example spreadsheet.
10x5 space(Using graphs to show the Relationship Between Squares and Square Roots - and what happens when negative numbers are squared.)
Creating an Excel Scatter Plot.
10x5 space(Step by step instructions on creating a scatter plot with Excel.)
Educational Spreadsheet Use Lists
Excel Use Lists The following are all lists of Excel resources on the Web for education:
10x5 spaceWord file: Using Excel for Classroom Activities
10x5 spaceLee's Summit, MO School District Excel resources lists (Web link)
10x5 spaceAmphitheater Public Schools' Integrating Spreadsheets in the Classroom (Web link)
10x5 spaceSabine Parish School District's Classrooms that Excel Resources (Web link)
10x5's Microsoft Excel Modules (Web link)
10x5 spaceWashington State's Tiers of Technology Integration (PowerPoint)

Other links to be added in the future. All links above are working links as of June 2nd, 2009.



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