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  Science MONOPOLY Students are currently working in cooperative groups on Science themed MONOPOLY games. Below are photos of some of the game boards.
Space Race Monopoly  

Attention Students!

Your group's MONOPOLY game is due by the end of the class period on Friday, June 3rd.

Use your time wisely in the library on Thursday to complete the research on your Property Card information AND any work you still need to do on your game's money. ALSO, don't forget the answer sheet to your Chance and Community Chest questions.

Review the Science Monopoly Game requirements below. Have you forgotten anything?

  Animal Monopoly  
    Atomic Monopoly

100 Point Possible made up of the following .......

Science Topic / Game Name (10 Points):

MONOPOLY Board (30 Points)
All squares (excepting maybe “GO” and “FREE PARKING”) must be related to your Science
Neatness of board work (lines straight, any paper glued down well, colors used well, writing
or printing easy to read, etc.)
Board is in good shape (unfolded, few if any extra marks or colors not related to design).

Property Cards (25 Points)
See your handouts ..... One card per Property

Chance & Community Chest Cards (20 Points):
Total of 40 cards (20 of each) all related to Science topic.
Half of cards have questions related to Science topic.
Cards are neatly done & question cards are numbered.
Cards can easily be read.
Answer sheet for questions.

MONOPOLY Money (15 Points):
Value of “money” is related to something of value in your chosen Science topic.
A minimum of 6 money values
Money is neat and the value can easily be read.

EXTRA CREDIT Opportunities:
Extra Chance and Community Chest cards.
Any MONOPOLY rules that may be different than playing the real game.



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