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Some good online geology dictionaries (to help you with assignments and the crossword!).
GeoTech Dictionary USGS Glossary

Your Earth Crossword puzzle is here:

This assignment is due on 5/23.
Here are a variety of crossword solving websites:
WordSmyth Reference

Exploring the "Rock Cycle"

Interactive Rock Cycle <--- Go here first. When you complete the assignment you'll then go here --->
to take an online Rock Cycle Quiz.
The assignment pages are:
RockCycle1.jpg, RockCycle2.jpg,
RockCycle3.jpg and RockCycle4.jpg
This assignment is due on 4/25.
Rock Cycle Quiz

Subduction Zone The major geologic feature in this diagram is a Subduction Zone. One of these is off of Washington's coast. Roll your mouse over the image to see arrows showing the relative movement of the crustal plates. The North American plate is moving west (left). The oceanic plate is being subducted under the North American plate.



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