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The Project .....
white1Each student will find a suitable location within the Spokane Valley to place their Park Plan Project (Math)* using Google Earth. Then, using Google's SketchUp (free 3D drawing software) the student will draw their park with a 1,000+ foot Stratigraphic Section beneath the Park.
white1Each student will also use Microsoft Word to write up a Geologic History of their Park's area along with a description of their Park's Stratigraphic Section.
white1This work will be completed in class on an individual basis.
white1The Internet Links to the right are a good starting point for learning about the Spokane Valley Geologic History.

*Park Plan Project
- Outline of park as described in Mr. Hilfiker's class. Dimensions to be 360 feet x 300 feet.

SketchUp Block
Your SketchUp drawing must be to scale. The depth of your Stratigraphic Section is to be 1,000 feet.
Use SketchUp to draw the park in the same way you must draw it on graph paper for Mr. Hilfiker.

Last Assignment!
Using MS Word, write an essay on the geologic history of the formation of the Spokane
Valley -Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer
Reference Websites .....

Use the following websites (and other sources you find online through searches of your own) to complete this week's assignments.
Spokane Aquifer Spokane Geology Spokane Flood
  Huge Floods <--- More Spokane Flood Information.
  Lake Missoula

<--- A Tour &
Map on the impacts of the Floods .

Additional Links of Interest:

Washington DNR Geology Washington State
Department of
Natural Resources.
Washington Geologic Maps Washington State
DNR Geologic Maps
Spokane County Geology A PDF file giving a detailed geologic map of Spokane County.



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6th Science

References & Links

Using Excel
Using Excel


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